Kitten’s New Family with Baby

Glad to share these lovely pictures from Yuen’s family.
Peach is the only cat in their home would have interactions with the baby inside. When Peach purrs on mommy’s belly, the baby would kick mommy back!
What a sweet bonding between Peach, mommy and the baby.
We wish Yuen’s family will have a healthy and lovely baby soon. Xxx

The Alike Cattery Cats DNA Test

To ensure our kitties to be healthy and free from genetic diseases, we put effort in testing our kitties continuously.

We are happy to announce that:
GC Nightmusic Mosaic of The Alkie (aka Simba): PKD1, PK Def, Both Negative.
CH Kender’s NQ Serenity of The Alkie (aka Moon): PKD1, PK Def, Both Negative.

For more PKD1 and PK Def information, please refer to the UC Davis Vet Genetics Lab Page (