Convention Centre Cat Show

We have had an awesome weekend in Convention Centre!

Thanks HKBCC for organising such a good show with wonderful arrangements.

Appreciate the judges liked our cats, our girls have always performed well anytime.

Apart from the show, meeting friends was the most delighted thing in this 2 days, even my flu was really bad and could barely talk.

Love you all! See you in the next show!


Cat Show in Asia World Expo

Awesome 👏🏻

Thanks UFF for organising such a good show in Asia World Expo, it’s really fantastic!

Our girls have performed excellent!

We are delighted to announce a NEW Grand Champion, The Alkie Erlidominus God Chick, unofficially. A lady GC, what a great job!

Besides, Blaze and Moyet have also scored their own points towards their grand too.

Thanks for the friends coming over, we are excited to meet you

See you in the coming cat show in Exhibition Centre.


Girls Rock The Show

Our girls rock the show!

Thanks UFF for organising this Sunny Summet Cat Fair 2023. Thanks the judges liked and used our cats.

A brown patched mactabby with white girl, Kender’s Blaze A Trail, her first and last kitten show in HK.

Besides we have Kender’s Moyet (Golden MacTabby girl, and a brown tabby girl (one of the Kender’s granddaughters)

Blaze definitely has a great temperament, we are glad to have her here! Moyet is great too, can’t believe they performed so well today. Both of them have arrived HK just a week ago, the results today were amazing!

Thanks our mentor Alice Wright for sharing her treasure with us again, crossing numbers of oceans! ❤️❤️❤️


New Grand Champion

Thanks GIA for organising Summer MeowFun Championship Cat Show 2

We have a new Grand Champion (unofficial)!

The Alkie Kaprosuchus (aka Kapro) has scored enough points to get granded as the 2nd Black & White Siberian Cat in CFA worldwide!

(Edit: 1st in CFA as Black & White Sib GC, 2nd in CFA as Black & white Sib Grand)

Thanks the judges like our cats and support us.

The journey was not easy and we are glad that we have finally reached the GC goal!