Awards Received!

Great results from 2015-2016 Show Season!
Thanks Wai Chi Wong for taking excellent care to Prince Ice-cream, showing him fabulous in every single time. Hope you and him be happy and healthy forever!

Besides, great thanks to Phebe Low and Emil Chanfor picking the trophy and the rosettes for us, because I can’t leave the twins here or take them with me to the banquet to enjoy the party with all of you tonight. Thanks again!


2015-16 Season

We proudly presents our cattery awards in 2015-2016 show season with all of you.

We have 1 Division Winner in Household Pet:
GH DW The Alkie Aquamist Action (Best HHP in ID-Asia)

We have 3 Best Of Breed in Championship:
GC Judo’s Sheldon Silver of The Alkie (Best Siberian in ID-Asia)
CH Kender’s King Endymion of The Alkie (2nd Best Siberian in ID-Asia)
CH The Alkie Aquamarine Gem (3rd Best Siberian in ID-Asia)

We also have granded 1 Champion:
GC The Alkie Aquapura Water (First homebred Siberian Grand in HK)

Besides, we have 3 Best Of Breed in Kitten:
The Alkie Aquamarine Gem (Best Siberian Kitten in ID-Asia)
Kender’s King Endymion of The Alkie (2nd Best Siberian Kitten in ID-Asia)
The Alkie Aquapura Water (3rd Best Siberian Kitten in ID-Asia)

Thanks the judges for loving and using our Siberians in the finals.
To be honest, it’s never been easy to show minority breeds like Siberians. Although we know our cats are fantastic and beautiful, we can hardly be in the finals to get compared with those big breeds like Persians, Exotics, Wegies, Coons or Ragdolls. It’s the first year we showed our homebred cats, we can’t be happier with the results above.
Thanks again for all of your appreciation!
Hope you all enjoy the love with Siberians!
See you all in coming shows~