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We got Sibby from Alkie Cattery in 2017 due to my husband’s allergy to cats. I am pleased to say our choice was perfect as there has been no allergy symptoms since we got him. Sibby is a very gentle big cat and our visitors always adore him and tell us that he looks very regal. He has got elegant and soft mannerism and he is also good with our young baby. In actual fact if the baby starts cry Sibby is showing concern until he can see everything is ok with the baby. Siberians have been said to have more of a dog-like personality and we would stand by this observation! Sibby likes to play fetch, and always comes to greet us at the door when we arrive at home. He is just adorable and we are so happy we got him!

Aino M.



Marshmallow has been with us for three happy and love filled years since 2017. My husband and I are both allergic to cats so we were so glad that we found The Alkie Cattery. Marshmallow is very clingy and welcomes us home every day. She is well behaved and friendly towards guests and children even if a bit shy at first.

Alex and Jackie were very professional, friendly and accommodating. They arranged a play date with Marshmallow before we decided to adopt her, which was a special moment we will never forget when we first saw Marshmallow. They have set up a WhatsApp group where we can share our passion for Siberians and receive professional advice from the breeders.

Katie W.



I am the only daughter of my family and I always wish to have a daughter as well. Fortunately, we have a female kitten from The Alkie Cattery and I name herもも🍑. It is a Japanese name and its means sweet and beautiful lady.

We had two cats before having もも and she can live well with them. But what really surprised me was ももis the sweetest kitten in my home.

I still remember when I was pregnant at the third month, もも was the first one to sense that I had a baby inside me. Every time I sat on the sofa, she was always the first one to lean and sleep on my belly. When the baby was kicking me, she was excited and tried to interact with him. What a more fantastic thing happened when we had the baby born, ももalways want to make sure the baby is on our hand before she walks out the sleeping room. My son can walk and play with もも now. They are now friends and like to play with each other. What a scene that I couldn’t ever image before I had もも.

Yannes T.


Casper & Sparky

I’ve got two Siberian cats both from The Alkie Cattery since 2016.  Their names are Casper and Sparky. After raising Siberian Cats, I found that they are not very cat-like but always exhibit dog-like behaviors. I have also realized that they are very clever by learning how to play fetch and it is something they absolutely enjoy.  To be honest, my cats don’t have cutie friendly faces, they both look like cold killers. 😛 But in fact, they are very affectionate, sweet and their voice are super soft and gentle.

Patricia C



We approached The Alkie Siberians Cattery as we were looking for a hypoallergenic kitten due to my allergies and in February 2020, we received our female kitten Sasha.  Sasha is energetic, friendly and playful.  Initially, I still had minor allergies but after a few months, my body got used to Sasha and I am not allergic to her anymore.  We are very fond of Sasha and are planning to get another Siberian kitten from the Alkie Siberians Cattery so that Sasha has a companion at home when we are out.   Alex and Jackie were very informative and friendly and answered all our questions before and after we received Sasha. We strongly recommend the Alkie Siberians Cattery to anyone who has cat allergies but loves cats!

Mei Yin, Kris M.

Flora T

오빠 & Bear Bear

My two Siberian cats have transformed my life completely. They have brought indescribable joy to my home, my family and friends. They are my companions and I look forward to returning home from work every day to engage with them.

They are affectionate and love to be stroked. I am amazed by how intelligent they are, that they seem to be able to communicate with humans without the spoken word.

They anticipate danger and appear to have my best interests at heart. While I have provided them with a loving home and a safe environment, they have given me so much more in the way of love, friendship and companionship. I will continue to love and care them in every way I can.

Flora T.


Tatiana & Xander

Having fallen in love with Siberian cats and researched where I could find a good breeder, I got in touch with Alex and Jackie. They ensure that their cats are not forced to breed and with limited offers which I really love. Also, they take time and care to get to know what kind of cat you are wanting and which kitten may suit your lifestyle. I’ve called them several times after I got my first kitten (Tatiana) and they were always happy to advise and help me to find the best solution. I then got a second kitten (Xander) and both are gorgeous!

Christine D.

Erlik and Bean Bean2

Erlik & Bean Bean

Erlik and Bean Bean are our two magnificent cats from The Alkie Cattery! We first got Erlik, a boy, he is not an easy cat but with a lovely personality. He right away picked one owner and he won’t let go of me. The moment I sit down, he is on my lap; the moment I am in the bathroom putting my morning make-up, he is there on the vanity top checking if I am doing a proper job.

Bean Bean arrived at our place a few months after Erlik, she is a real lady with her black long socks. She has the personality of a dog, she greets us when we come home and fetches a ball with great pleasure at any time. We love this couple of crazy Siberians.

Ewelina T.