What A Cat Show!!

The MOST honourable and fruitful show ever for my kitties!!

Our Sheldon (GC Judo’s Sheldon Silver of The Alkie) got 5 finals out of 6!!

And our home breed first Siberian litter, Toto (The Alkie Aquamarine Gem) got 4 finals too, including a Best Kitten from judge Pam DelaBar!!

Besides our Rover (The Alkie Aquapura Water) got 1 kitten final, our Ice-cream (The Alkie Aquamist Action) got 5 finals, and our American Shorthair Keru (GC GP Yatfung’s Keru Brown!!!) got 3 finals too!!

Great thanks to Hong Kong Black Cat Club to hold such a good show!

Thanks again to my family to help us a lot to handle the kitties and the twins!

See you all soon~