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CFA GC Judo’s Sheldon Silver of The Alkie

Silver Mackerel Tabby and White

Sheldon came to us from  Kender Siberians. His father is CFA Grand Champion Kender’s Surprise Voyager and his mother is also CFA Grand Champion Kender’s Don’t Call Me Nymphadora.

He got a Best Kitten (Ring 2, Bob Zenda) and a 6th Best Kitten (Ring 1, John Colilla) in 2013 UFO Mid-Summer Champion Cat Show; a 3rd Best Cat in Longhair Championship (Ring 7, Megumi Yamashita) in 2014 UFO Naughty New Year Champion Cat Show; 3rd Best All Breed Champion, 3rd Best Longhair Champion(Ring 1, Walter Hutzler), 3rd Best All Breed Champion, 3rd Best Longhair Champion, 13th Best Cat (Ring 2, Carla Bizzell) in 2014 CFA International Championship Cat Show. After 2 shows, Sheldon is now Grand Champion.

Sheldon is such a sweet cat. He runs up to welcome us when we come home and kisses us whenever he wants. He likes to sleep on our pillow and loves to play with everyone. Furthermore, he loves to play with his toys and can jump incredible heights and distances.

Sheldon’s Parents

CFA GC Kender’s Surprise Voyager

Sheldon Father

CFA GC Kender’s Don’t Call Me Nymphadora

Sheldon Mother

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CFA CH Kender’s Song of the Heart of The Alkie

Brown Classic Tabby 

Song came over from Kender Siberians in November 2013. She is a CFA Champion now. Although she is a bit shy, she meets and greets everyone that comes to the house. She also loves to play feather toys with our other cats.

Song’s Parents

CFA CH Savushka Edward Winter Snowflake

Song Father

CFA CH Kendercat Russian Rose

Krasnayataiga Ekaterina of The Alkie

Silver Mackerel Tabby

Katerina came Hong Kong in June 2014. She is a kitten now. She is a cheerful, lovely and sweet girl. She loves her toys so much and enjoys playing with our other cats too.

Katerina’s Parents

Abbas-Coons Ajax


Krasivaya Feya