Tatiana & Xander

Having fallen in love with Siberian cats and researched where I could find a good breeder, I got in touch with Alex and Jackie. They ensure that their cats are not forced to breed and with limited offers which I really love. Also, they take time and care to get to know what kind of cat you are wanting and which kitten may suit your lifestyle. I’ve called them several times after I got my first kitten (Tatiana) and they were always happy to advise and help me to find the best solution. I then got a second kitten (Xander) and both are gorgeous!

Christine D.

Erlik and Bean Bean2

Erlik & Bean Bean

Erlik and Bean Bean are our two magnificent cats from The Alkie Cattery! We first got Erlik, a boy, he is not an easy cat but with a lovely personality. He right away picked one owner and he won’t let go of me. The moment I sit down, he is on my lap; the moment I am in the bathroom putting my morning make-up, he is there on the vanity top checking if I am doing a proper job.

Bean Bean arrived at our place a few months after Erlik, she is a real lady with her black long socks. She has the personality of a dog, she greets us when we come home and fetches a ball with great pleasure at any time. We love this couple of crazy Siberians.

Ewelina T.