We approached The Alkie Siberians Cattery as we were looking for a hypoallergenic kitten due to my allergies and in February 2020, we received our female kitten Sasha.  Sasha is energetic, friendly and playful.  Initially, I still had minor allergies but after a few months, my body got used to Sasha and I am not allergic to her anymore.  We are very fond of Sasha and are planning to get another Siberian kitten from the Alkie Siberians Cattery so that Sasha has a companion at home when we are out.   Alex and Jackie were very informative and friendly and answered all our questions before and after we received Sasha. We strongly recommend the Alkie Siberians Cattery to anyone who has cat allergies but loves cats!

Mei Yin, Kris M.

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