Kylo 🇰🇷 (2020)

Bringing my kitten home was one of the highlights of this year. When everything else in 2020 seemed so uncertain and often difficult with no end in sight, Kylo (now seven months old) brought much light and laughter to my home. Alex and Jackie of The Alkie Siberians are passionate advocates for siberian cats, and are dedicated to raising kittens of robust health and a calm, friendly disposition. Every step of the way, Alex and Jackie were attentive to the process of ensuring Kylo and I would be a good fit, considering his needs and my own. Siberian cats have a well-deserved reputation for being calm, loving, healthy cats that are strongly attached to the lives around them. Kylo certainly embodies this also, and it was evident from the get-go that he was treated with love and respect, and received excellent care as they readied him for his new family. Thank you so much, Jackie and Alex!

Anna K.

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