Kittens Immigration

Last Christmas, we had been informed by one of our kitten owners that her whole family would go back to UK permanently in Summer this year. Because of her commitments on those 2 cats that bred by us, she promised not to abandon the 2 Siberians and would take them home with their family. We were shocked at the beginning, and then we all burst into tears with joy because we are glad that our cats are having such a wonderful owner.

It was our first time of doing this practice to our owners and we started to have quotes from different parties and we tried our very best to save those costs to the owner.

In between, there will be a month and half’s time for the 2 cats to live with us since the owner didn’t want the cats to get panic with moving boxes and renovations in the new home. She only wished the cats can come after they have settled down in UK.

2 cats have had nice temperament as always, sweet, gentle, elegant and energetic! hehe… Kidnapping all the heart around them, our kids love them too, and it’s not hard to think about why the owner would miss them a lot.

Before they can go, we had to make a vet appointment for the vaccines which was required for going to UK. Finally, it took 21 days for the rabies vaccines to get effective for the requirement. We had been told that the cats had to go with the commercial import requirements, which was much more tight and difficult than the non-commercial one. In other words, we only had 2 days to work with documents and the flight schedule!

The pressure of this task became tremendous in that week. That was the first time for all of us, the vet and the owner to execute by ourselves. We went back and forth from the vet clinic and the AFCD office for a couple of times in 2 days to work with those documents.

Forgot to mention, the microchip of one cat had been broken in that morning and the vet got to endorse a letter to state the situation, to let both AFCD and the UK government know, not to let the cat have another vaccine because of the new microchip. Luckily, AFCD finished the documents just in a minute before the day end. The cats were waiting right in front of the office and were ready to go to the airport.

Finally we got to say goodbye to 2 lovely Siberians. We were in tears and hoped you would have wonderful life in UK and what a good experience for us as well!


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